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From the menu catagories below, click a catagory's image and that web page will open. All catagories contain one page, except for Traditional Design Plates (which is is divided into six pages with buttons & links to help you navigate between pages).

Shopping cart buttons are "under construction" for items in this catalog. Currently you will need to make of note of items that interest you and email or call us with a list of item/s you would like to order as directed on our ORDER FORM page. We will then reply & provide payment options from which you can choose.

Traditional Smocking Design Plates

traditional smocking design plate

Classic Collection Design Plates

fish smocking design plate

Garment Patterns
Instructional Books

Machine Embroidery

bunny embroidery

Embroidery Supplies


This & the following catagories are not yet available. We hope to have these items purchased, organized & ready to offer for purchase later in the summer.

Fabric Lace & Trims Blanks for Embroidery
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